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Pay in advance 200 lei and benefit from a discount of 10% of the list price.

Collection 2 times.


Pay in advance 500 lei and benefit from a discount of 20% of the list price.

Collection 4 times.


Pay in advance 1000 lei and benefit from a discount of 30% of the list price.

Valid only to this type of subscription: if you bring a friend who makes the same type of subscription, you will get  40% discount, if you bring one more friend who also makes this type of subscription, then you will get a 50% discount every time you renew it. (collection 8 times)

Validity of subscriptions

The validity of these subscriptions is 3 months, and after the expiry of these 3 months, the unused value (amount) is not reported nor refunded. These subscriptions are valid only for individuals!!!

How do these subscriptions work 

The moment you pay the subscription, you will be given a tax receipt and a fidelity card. On this card will appear the type of subscription, the sum paid and the number of collections due to the type of subscription. On the moment of the delivery, next to each collection it will be written the value of the order.

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