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Our company has implemented a very strict system for quality assurance, so that you benefit from the best services:

a. Quality assurance: processing

If you are dissatisfied with how we processed your clothing item, we will process it once again at our expense! If you are not satisfied this time either, then you do not pay for its processing.


We will iron your clothes so that you are fully satisfied. Otherwise: – We will iron them again without any additional cost. And if you are still dissatisfied:

Bring them again to us and we will iron them in front of you every time is needed so as you are satisfied of the result, no additional costs.

Due to the experience gathered, to the qualified and trained periodically personnel, we iron every type of item (from regular clothes to evening dresses, brides’ dresses, suits, coats, draperies, curtains or priests’ clothes) and for emergencies we iron on the spot.

Garanția calității


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